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This 1954 Chevy Corvette was a complete basket case and could not be restored, so Stan decided to hot rod it. His goal was to refine the original design with subtle changes to give it a more modern look,

This was the original condition...No restoration possible with this basket case.
The front was nosed, while the parking lights and front bumpers were removed. The fenders were molded to the rocker panels. 
It's one "Jazy 54."
The engine is a 350 Chevy bored .040 over, angle-plug aluminum heads, roller cam & rocker with an estimated 400 hp.
The factory did not make a hardtop for 1953 -1955 Corvettes, although they were available through a few aftermarket companies. For ultimate flexibility, Stan chose to add a removable hardtop in addition to the soft top. This allows the car to be driven in all types of weather.
All emblems were removed on the rear. The rear quarter panel and roll pan were molded to the upper body. The rear bumpers were also removed to give the Vette a smooth look.
The dash was completely reworked. Outer air vents were added and designed to match the gauge pods. In the gauge cluster, the two outer openings will be used for air vents. Since all other stock openings were filled, the ignition and all switches will be housed behind a hidden panel where the radio was originally located.
The original frame was beyond repair, so Stan had to create a new one. This photo shows the start of the new side rails, made out of 2x4x1/8 mild steel tubing for added strength. 
Once the side rails were complete, Stan added K-members with holes created for the exhaust system. Stan chose a Mustang II front end with stainless tubular upper and lower control arms and a triangulated four-link for the rear. He chose this set-up so he could run a dished wheel.
Here is the finished frame, ready for the engine and transmission to be installed. It has four-wheel disc brakes, front and rear sway bars and coil-overs all around. 
As you can see, the damage on the Vette was extensive. The hole on the right is body damage created from years of wear where the rear bumper mounted to the fiberglass body. 
In addition to smoothing the rear quarter panels, Stan decided to also remove the exhaust ports to give the Corvette a super slick look.


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